Project Update

Study Visit from Armenian Media Literacy Experts

In October, a delegation of Armenian experts, including scientists, journalists, and civil society actors, visited Berlin as part of the CRISP project, "Advancing Media Literacy and Democratic Resilience in Armenia." 

The primary objectives included bringing together Armenian experts with representatives from esteemed German NGOs and public institutions to foster networking, share best practices, and explore potential collaborations in countering disinformation. The delegation engaged in discussions with organizations such as the Centre for Liberal Modernity, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, ZOiS, Deutsche Welle, DGAP - German Council on Foreign Relations, and The Center for Media and Information Literacy (CeMIL). Additionally, the Armenian experts met with Michael Sacher, a member of the Bundestag, and visited the Embassy of Armenia in Berlin.

This study visit provided a platform for both Armenian and German experts to discuss strategies for combating disinformation, promoting media literacy, and building democratic resilience. Through collaboration and the exchange of experiences, the participants aimed to contribute to a more informed and resilient society in the face of evolving challenges in the media landscape.

The collaborative efforts undertaken during this study visit set the stage for ongoing partnerships and joint initiatives in the ongoing fight against disinformation.