Our main working fields are civic education and civil conflict management. Through our projects we aim to promote a critical transnational democratic culture, in which different groups can engage in constructive dialogue to solve conflicts.

Our Goals

Through our work we pursue our aims of promoting international and intercultural understanding, tolerance and democratic values in the European Union and also in conflict affected regions. We aim to support a culture of non-violent conflict management.

Our activities promote 1) tolerance and dialogue, 2) an increased understanding of politics and 3) the creation of international networks.

Our work is mainly focused on the development of a strong, active civil society, that becomes enabled to effectively contribute to a non-violent way of conflict-management.

Our Vision

Peacebuilding is a very complex task and there is no universal plan on how to reach this ambitious goal. Therefore it is important to be sensitive and flexible in order to react to and adjust the activities to people's concrete needs.

In order to reach our goals we choose long-term approach. The social and political change we work toward is a permanent challenge and requires the committment of many key actors. We want to contribute to the establishment of robust networks among actors of change, across borders and across sectors.

Our initial entry point is the work with local actors to empower and connect them with others, thus equipping our partners on the ground with the skills they need to create the change they strive for.

Our Approach

Our activities target mainly young civil society activists interested in experience-based learning. With the use of simulation games enriched by role-play elements, CRISP fosters a self-organizing, holistic and highly hands-on learning culture.

The method of simulation gaming is suitable for gaining abetter understanding of complex issues. At the same time the method offers enough freedom for the participants to develop alternative approaches. We work to implement the method of simulation gaming in different activities of peacebuilding and democratic development.

CRISP also acts as a platform for other projects, supporting the ideas and approaches of our partners and members, as well as taking opportunities to create new project proposals.