Berlin Libraries Future-Proof

As part of the Permanent Conference (StäKo) of the Berlin Public Libraries Consortium (VÖBB), we conducted an intensive future workshop on June 14 focusing on enhancing the consortium's crisis resilience.

Under the motto "StäKo 2027: Mastering Challenges Together," participants engaged in a semi-fictional scenario simulation designed to confront them with realistic and future-oriented challenges.

The workshop aimed to prepare the StäKo for significant financial cuts and the growing cultural struggle posed by extremist parties. Special attention was given to identifying vulnerabilities and blind spots, as well as developing concrete action options for the years ahead. The simulation yielded valuable insights that will strengthen VÖBB's resilience and establish proactive strategies.

A key outcome of the workshop was the consensus on addressing challenges preventively before they escalate into acute issues. This will require a systematic approach to implementing the identified measures. Participants were notably engaged in the scenario, fostering open and respectful communication that illuminated diverse perspectives and addressed crucial issues.

Through this thorough exploration of potential crisis scenarios, StäKo's resilience has been further bolstered. The workshop underscored VÖBB's progress in better preparing for future challenges and adopting a proactive approach. We extend our gratitude to all participants for their dedication and valuable contributions, which aim to make Berlin's library landscape more resilient and sustainable for the future.