Young Women’s Political Academy - follow-up

As last year, CRISP conducted a simulation game for young women-politicians as a laboratory for practicing newly gained knowledge from the Academy.

CRISP trainers spent two November days in Warsaw together with 23 young women in politics from Georgia, North Macedonia, Poland, and Uzbekistan. Simulation game’s scenario was set in a fictional country that has elections upcoming. During the first day, participants were working on their election campaigns, trying to win support of local population and get as many votes as possible, securing their presence in the parliament. The second day was oriented towards building coalitions and creation of a five-year plan for the country of Transolvia. Gender equality, economy and corruption issues, education access were cross-cutting topics throughout the game.

As a result, participants improved their negotiations and communication skills to further their own interests among like-minded alliances and opposing peers, enhanced their writing and presentation skills, as well as practiced working with the media.

The game supported goals of advancing gender equality and inclusion. During the game, as well as within debriefing and evaluation, we made sure gender-sensitive and diversity-inclusive framing and content were included.