Project Update

Program Launch of Time for Refugees

Empowering Ukrainian and Georgian women who faced war and displacement.

As a part of the Time for Refugees project, our local partners CDC have launched the Mindfulness-Based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) Program. Participants in the MBTR Program are learning mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques that can help them navigate the complex landscape of trauma. This program provides them with essential tools to effectively cope with the psychological aftermath of war-related displacement. Participants will be able to:

  • develop emotional regulation skills;
  • manage stress and anxiety;
  • improve overall mental well-being.

Following the MBTR Program, participants will transition into the Co-Counseling Program, which offers peer-to-peer support and a safe space for sharing experiences related to mental health, grief, and creating support networks. This phase will further enhance the participants' emotional well-being and strengthen the bonds of the community.
The program is conducted in smaller groups in different areas of the country, in online and offline settings to accommodate to diverse needs of participating women. Later on, CRISP will come to Georgia to conduct training on community (re-)integration, ultimately helping them on their journey toward building psychological resilience and developing a sense of community and belonging.