Rush Hour in Kyrgyzstan

Our work in Kyrgyzstan has intensified in the last weeks. We have conducted three workshops in July and will be back in the beginning of August.

12 local workshops have been implemented successfully throughout Kyrgyzstan by local multipliers, whom we have trained in april. As a result we have received a stunning number of 50 applications for local peace initiatives by their participants, out of which ten will be implemented in the coming months. CRISP has conducted a meeting evaluating the workshops and further developing the initiatives. We were impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of our initiators.

Additionally we have successfully started our project in cooperation with DVV International that focusses on the establishment of peaceful and equal dialogue in the society on the topics of religion and democracy. Within the frame of this project we have implemented a Methodology Workshop for the project staff introducing topic and methods for a conflict-sensitive approach as well as a Media School for young Kyrgyz journalists reporting on the topic.

Coming up in the next weeks and months is the implementation of the local peace initiatives, a training for multipliers and the start of a new cooperation. This is what we call rush hour in Kyrgyzstan.