New Intern

Very warm welcome to our new intern Severin!

Meet Severin, whose journey from Munich to Cologne, with a transformative stop in Chile, fuels his passion for intercultural exchange and Peacebuilding at CRISP.

Severin considers home to be somewhere between Cologne, Bavaria and Chile. While his early childhood days were spent in Munich, the majority of his life he has been living in Cologne, where he later went on to study his bachelor’s in social sciences at the University of Cologne. At the age of 14, Severin took part in an exchange program in Chile, where he went to school for 6 months and lived with a host family that he would now consider a second family and still has a key for the family home. This experience sparked a big interest and appreciation for intercultural exchange and ever since then Severin has volunteered for his exchange organization to prepare future exchange students for their experience. Intercultural exchange has stayed a central topic throughout his life and he has tried to incorporate it in his academic career by doing an Erasmus Semester at the Reims Campus of SciencesPo Paris. The international Reims Campus was a great hub for diverse perspectives on political issues from all over the world and solidified the idea to pursue a career that allows him to work in an international environment. The international focus and team at CRISP led Severin to the internship here and he is eager to learn more about Peacebuilding and our projects, while contributing with his own creativity and knowledge of political science and sociology.