CRISP - Trainings


Digital Tools for Current Anti-Corruption Challenges

We developed a state-of-the-art training program designed to equip civil servants, civil society groups, and journalists with innovative strategies and digital resources to combat local corruption.

Quick facts
DURATION01.09.2024 Until 31.12.2025
PARTICIPANTSThe workshop includes between 12 and 20 participants. If you are interested in taking part in one of our trainings, please contact us. 


CRISP is offering a new training format for organizations, as well as individuals interested in the last developments in the field of anticorruption and transparency at the local level. 

Our workshop seeks to provide the participants with digital tools to analyze their local governance context, identifying areas of increased risk of corruption, lack of transparency and weak accountability. Its goal is also to enable the participants to make effective use of already implemented transparency measures in their cities, translating the access to information into an actionable tool to collectively counter corruption in their communities.

The workshop utilizes a cutting-edge, gamified approach through a tailor-made simulation game, designed to provide an immersive learning experience. This game allows participants to assume various roles within simulated corruption scenarios, offering a dynamic platform to understand the connection between institutional context and corruption.

Following the simulation game, the participants will be able to apply the body of knowledge and skill acquired during the workshop to their local realities, jointly designing a transparency and anticorruption strategy. 

The workshop is offered in two different formats (basic and full), according to the needs of the participants. You can write to us at or visit the contact section on our website to request more information or book a training.

Workshop Goals 

We seek to empower civil servants, civil society organizations and journalists to apply basic and digital elements of a bottom-up strategy to counter corruption at the local level.

The workshops will enable our participants to analyze their local governance context to identify potential risks of corruption, utilize transparency measures effectively as tools for change, and collaborate to create community-based solutions to combat corruption.

Target Group(s) 

The workshop addresses civil servants and authorities, as well as members of civil society organizations, community organizations and journalists.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements 

After the simulation game, participants can use the knowledge and skills gained during the workshop to create a transparency and anti-corruption strategy for their communities.

Participants can also access and address corruption themselves, leading to a stronger shared understanding of corrupt systems and a strategy to tackle corruption at the local level.