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CRISP offers Online Training on Peaceful Conflict Transformation in August/September this year!

Between 25 August and 8 September CRISP will offer its first online training. In the training on Peaceful Conflict Transformation we would like to share with you our more than 10 years of experience in this field. In four interactive sessions, we...

Newsletter March 2020

What we did before we had to move into our Homeoffices.

CRISP 2020/21: Strategy Meeting

We had a great start to the new year: from the 21st to the 22nd of January, we held our annual team strategy meeting, mapping out our activities and trying to think out of the box for the months ahead.

Evaluation Seminar of Civic Education Simulations for Georgian Schools Project

We are finalizing our project with Georgian civic education teachers. CRISP, in partnership with its Georgian counterpart CETF - Civic Education Teachers Forum, conducted the evaluation seminar in a village of Ikalto, Georgia.

Final Meeting of Women Focused Networks Project

The project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus concluded with an evaluation seminar in Mtskheta, Georgia.

Newsletter October 2019

Another three months have past and a lot of things have happened at CRISP.

Second Training of project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus

Initiative planning and preparation for participants in the project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus.

Newsletter July 2019

As usual we have been quite busy over the last three months.

Civic Education Simulation for Georgian Schools 1st Training

Civic Education teachers from all over Georgia came together to learn about simulation gaming.


As this year’s PCC program comes to an end we are also celebrating the closure of our 4 year commitment to training our Peace and Conflict Consultants program.

Peace and Conflict Consultants-2018

Is peacebuilding everybody´s business? Should trainings for peacebuilders be standardized? These and other questions become a centre of this year project