AI-supported Peacegame at Berlin Moot

Introducing innovative approaches at BerlinMoot, a high-level peace conference by the Berghof Foundation.

On April 17 and 18, 2024, the Berghof Foundation hosted the Berlin Moot, a high-level peace conference in Berlin. This event gathered global experts from various disciplines alongside peace and mediation practitioners to collaboratively develop innovative peacemaking tools suited to the complexities of contemporary conflict.

One of the key highlights of the conference was our groundbreaking Peacegaming initiative. Peacegame is an interactive, AI-supported learning approach that uses scenario-based simulations to model and address complex problems related to peace and conflict. This methodology allows participants to immerse themselves in a simulated environment, which dynamically reacts to their choices and discussions. By replicating the intricacies of real-world environments, Peacegame adds significant weight to the decisions made by participants.

During the Berlin Moot, we employed a semi-fictional scenario centered around a peace treaty review process. The scenario depicted a peace agreement that, despite initial optimism, fell short of expectations and achieved only partial success in mitigating the conflict. Participants, stepping into the roles of diverse stakeholders – including governments, non-governmental armed groups, civil society, and international organizations – engaged in robust debates. They explored the underlying causes and missed opportunities that contributed to the agreement's shortcomings.

The Principles for Peace framework was instrumental in guiding these discussions. It provided a common lens for participants to critically examine the scenario and deliberate on a viable path forward. This reflective approach enabled a deeper understanding of the challenges and potential solutions in peacebuilding efforts.

We look forward to continuing our efforts in promoting peace and are excited about the potential of Peacegaming.