Simulation Game

Empowering Youth Political Ambitions Through Coalition Simulations in Germany

On Monday, the 27th of May, we successfully implemented our simulation game KoSi (formerly known as «Wer regiert Neuland») with 22 young, politically active participants, aged 18-30, from the Diversify Program of the Deutschlandstiftung Integration.

The Diversify Program aims to support socially disadvantaged young adults with ambitions to pursue a career in politics. The participants were already familiar with many aspects of the political process in Germany. Nevertheless, they learned a great deal about the often-overlooked process of coalition negotiations through the simulation of party positions, political negotiations, and discussions in their respective roles during the game.

The participants were encouraged to compromise and find win-win solutions, both in terms of political issues and career and governing ambitions. This fostered a better understanding of the complexity of coalition building and political processes. During multiple discussion rounds, participants exchanged and discussed up-to-date party positions in Germany and reflected on the mechanisms of forming a working government coalition.

KoSi served as a practical learning experience, making coalition building in Germany tangible and enabling participants to navigate political negotiations. The cooperation with the Diversify Program of the Deutschlandstiftung Integration aimed to foster the participants' understanding of practical politics and further prepare them for their political careers.