Wir führen verschiedene Aktivitäten durch. Von mehrmonatigen oder -jährigen Projekten, über Workshops und Seminare, die Durchführung von Planspielen bis hin zu Fortbildungen. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller unserer bisherigen Aktivitäten. Zur einfacheren Navigation benutzen Sie bitte die Filterfunktion.


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Simulation on the South China Sea at the Diplomatic Academy in Vietnam

Marking the third year of our cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), we developed and implemented a simulation game on the South China Sea in April.  Due to travel restrictions, we supported the...

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New Project "TAYA" will train European Youth Workers on anti-discrimination-education 

TAYA -Training Active Youth Workers in Anti-Discrimination-Education aims at enabling European youth workers to address topics related to discrimination and racism among their target groups and qualifying them to carry out educational activities that...

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K2Games - Learning by Playing

K2Games project makes education on the topics of sustainability, environment, and health easy and engaging, raising awareness of ecological issues among youth.

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Promoting Localized Gender-Aware Simulation Development for Humanitarian Training

Humanitarian workers and organizations based in Jordan will develop their own community-led simulation designs

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CRISP empowers young voices in Chile during the Constitutional Process in 2021/22

This project aims to increase political participation of marginalized youth in Chile during the Convención Constituyente 2021/22 and beyond. By supporting a more inclusive process during the drafting of the New Constitution, we aim to increase the...

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Wer regiert Berlin 2021?

Gespannt blicken wir auf das „Superwahljahr“ 2021 und damit auch auf die anstehenden Koalitionsverhandlungen für das Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus. Die häufig thematisierte Intransparenz im Zuge der Regierungsbildungen sorgt nicht selten für...

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Do No Harm in Conflict Settings – Revised Edition

How can we make sure our work contributes to peace instead of conflict? CRISP has successfully conducted an online workshop with a focus on the Do No Harm approach, its shortcomings and complementary concepts of postcolonial and critical whiteness...

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Online Simulation for the Young Policy Advisor Course of OSCE

In the framework of the Young Policy Advisors Course organized by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) we developed and conducted a simulation game on the role of the OSCE in mitigating climate change related risks.

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“Masarna” – Our Pathway: Fostering Jordan Youth Vison Towards Effective Civic Engagement and Self-Reliance

The project aims to contribute to the government’s efforts, by increasing the capacities of local CSOs in the fields of non-formal education techniques, as well as improving their technical and financial capabilities.

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SIMschool – Teaching Human Rights with Simulation Games

In cooperation with the biggest teachers’ movement in Ukraine EdCamp, and the European Union we started a big-scale project to make the learning of human rights easier and more interactive.

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